The Proclamation of Restoration of the Independent Nation of Hawai’i:
A Fantasy Theme Analysis

By Darin J. Arsenault, May 1997

Table of Contents



[Note: the automated e-mail system is not longer functioning, but the same information is available via the web at:]

For the person who is interested in receiving information about Independent Nation of Hawai’i issues, he or she only has to have a computer with an E-Mail program, an Internet account, a telephone line, and a modem capable of sending and receiving computer messages. This author used a VAX Internet account, available at many universities and educational institutions. VAX allows users to connect to a variety of national and international networks with very little effort. If using a VAX account, the operator must signify that he or she is ready to use E-MAIL by inputting the message MAIL and following this by pressing the RETURN/ENTER key. For the following discourse all computer commands will be capitalized for the reader’s ease.

No matter what E-Mail program is being operated, the computer user must "send" three important bits of information within the SEND TO command in order to correspond with Ohana members. First, at the SEND TO prompt, he or she must address mail to the Independent Nation receiver as IN%"INFO@HAWAII-NATION.ORG". IN% stands for "Internet address", INFO represents "Username", @ means "at", and "HAWAII-NATION.ORG" is the "Hostname". The above sequence is extremely crucial -it is the only way the user can be absolutely sure the message will be sent to the right address. Second, within the SEND TO prompt, the user must explain why he or she is contacting Ohana Council members. This is done at the SUBJ prompt, which will automatically come onto the computer screen when the above mail address has been input. At the SUBJ prompt, the user must type in something along the lines of REQUEST INFORMATION ABOUT SOVEREIGNTY. By keeping this request simple and straightforward, delays can be avoided (in other words, the user won’t have to worry about whether or not the receiver can figure out what is being requested). When some message has been input, press the RETURN/ENTER key. An ENTER YOUR MESSAGE BELOW prompt will now appear.

Third, at the ENTER YOUR MESSAGE BELOW prompt, it is best, when contacting Ohana members for the first time, to type in INFO 11. When the entire message has been sent to the Independent Nation, the user will receive an index of available information documents within the Independent Nation of Hawai’i Internet/E-Mail system.

After perusing the index, he or she can decide what documents he or she would like to request in the future. Future requests should include the above steps with the exception of step three. Step three should be altered to reflect what information is wanted. For example, if the user wants documents 3, 4, 5, 9, 16, and 29, he or she should type INFO 3, INFO 4, INFO 5, INFO 9, INFO 16, and INFO 29. Be sure to press RETURN/ENTER between each INFO bit: this separates each INFO request, making it easier for Ohana computer operators to process different requests.

After following the above steps, the user is ready to send the request. If a typographical mistake has been made following these prescriptions, erase the message and start again. If using a VAX account, press CTRL and C at the same time: this will bring the user back to the MAIL prompt. When the user is absolutely sure that the message is ready to be sent, he or she should follow the MAIL SEND steps in the E-MAIL program being used. If using a VAX account, press CTRL and Z at the same time . The message will be sent, and the user will be returned to the MAIL prompt. A reply will be forthcoming in a short period of time.