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The Alm Brothers

Conflict of Interest with First Hawaiian Bank and U.S. Attorney's Office?

Following is an excerpt of the Nation of Hawaii's letter to the Department of Justice, a paragraph regarding the relation of brothers Steven and Robert Alm, with Robert Alm's biography below.
Robert Alm is Senior Vice President of First Hawaiian Bank. Steven Alm is the U.S. Attorney for the District of Hawai`i, who brought the indictment and political prosecution against Mr. Kanahele last year.
The Nation of Hawaii believes that as the current United States Attorney for the District of Hawaii, Mr. Steve Alm should be more forthcoming regarding his brother's current employment status with First Hawaiian Bank. The brother of US Attorney Steve Alm, Mr. Robert Alm, is currently Senior Vice-President at First Hawaiian Bank and has policy making responsibilities in financial management and other areas which could impact this case. The Nation of Hawaii is concerned that this situation seems to indicate a possibility for self-dealing and the potential for a serious conflict-of-interest.

Robert A. Alm

Age: 44
Current Position: Senior Vice President, manager, Financial ManagementGroup, First Hawaiian Bank

Robert Alm's promotion to this position was announced on January 7, 1996

Robert Alm was an integral part in initiating First Hawaiian's last majorasset transaction, announced in Nov. of 95: the agreement by First Hawaiian Bank to sell its municipal bond corporate trust business to the Bank of New York

Robert Alm has been with First Hawaiian for 3 years [since 1992]. Beforethat he was the Director of the Hawaii State Department of Consumer Affairs for six years, which regulates banks in Hawai`i.

Before that Robert Alm was an aide to Sen. Dan Inouye for three years.

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