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Oppose Nuclear Testing in the Pacific

The voice of Hawai`i has been added to the international protest against France's proposed resumption of nuclear testing in the Pacific. Below is the letter sent to French President Chirac from Pu`uhonua Kanahele, the Head of State of Hawai`i (Cette lettre est aussi traduite en Français).

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13 July 1995

His Excellency Jacques Chirac
President of France
Au Palias Del'elysee
55 ET 57 Rue Saubourg
Saint Honore, 75008 Paris, France

fax 011-33-1-42-92-81-00

Your Excellency,

As Head of State of the independent Nation of Hawai`i, and pursuant to our Proclamation of Independence and our Constitution, I must make the strongest possible protest to your intended resumption of nuclear testing at Muroroa. It is a criminal act against humanity, an act of nuclear colonialism and environmental racism.

Historical evidence clearly demonstrates the devastating impact of nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean/Islands environment and upon the people of this region. Further nuclear testing is not the answer to resolving our earth's complex needs and crises. The time has come for the peoples of the Pacific to unify in protection of our ocean continent and fundamental human rights. It is time for our entire human family to live in peace.

I speak to you with the moral authority of the Ancient Wise Ones (Kupuna). We can never depart or separate our undying love, our connection or our sacred ties from the Spirit of the Land, Aloha `Aina, which is the heart and the life of all living things. We must protect our sacred `aina (land) from such invasion and exploitation, to liberate it from alien destructive forces and preserve and protect our cultural heritage for generations from the devastation of extinction. (Proclamation, January 16, 1994)

We prayerfully appeal to you to reverse your decision and to make known to all the world that you will withdraw all nuclear and military presence in the Pacific. Your contribution to world history will be beyond calculation. Thank you for seriously considering the depth and urgency of our concern.

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