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(Also see comments from the United States and Hawaii... other regions coming soon)

raf mildenhall, england
us air force

Scott Innes
Edinburgh Scotland u.k.
Napier University

Arthur BosProxima Automatisering
Anton Mauvestraat 5, 3351BB Papendrecht, Netherlands

Guido Helmers
Groningen (Holland)
Goodmorning Hawaian Dudes!!! Thanks for the nice pictures

I have found these pages very interesting, so much so that Ihave used them to complete a piece of computing coursework!!Using the world wide web has unabled me to learn about othercountries.
Thank you for letting me have an insight in yours.

Goran Petersson
Hawaiian independence??? Well, I wish you good luck.../gp

John Harald Gartland
Hamar LÊrerh=gskole
Hamar, Norway
The land of my dreams

colin angus
london uk
Nice pages,very informative. I visited Hawai'i in the year of the centenary of the illegal annexation(and was fortunate enoughto hear Milanili Trask speaking at the ITA 94 in Eire). I would like to return someday,perhaps when Hawai'i is once again a sovereign land. Definitely my favourite US state,even though it shouldn't be one.
Best of luck with your efforts.

Magnus Nordstrand
Royal institute of technology
Country of Sweden

Martin Povazay
Austrian Parliament

Vicent Partal Montesinos
Barcelona *Catalonia* Europe
From Catalonia my best wishes for the future of Hawaii and all the peoples fighting for freedom around the world.

Brian Mangan
Dublin City University
Ireland, Dublin.
Very good

Ken Dixon
London, England, UK

Nikos Sarris
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Manchester, England

Sven-Erik Andersen
The Kingdom of NORWAY
Good luck in your just strugle to regain your independenceas a free state and monarchy.

Cristian Moise
Kristianstad University
When I think of Hawaii I think of paradise ! Anyone willingto e-mail with me about anything is gladly welcome :)

Roger Sylvester
University College London
London, UK
Congratulations on your new Constitution!
Best wishes for the future.

Robert P. Millenaar
Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy
The Netherlands, Europe
Big Island GIF images please. Mahalo

Martin C. Huber
University of Economics Vienna, Dept of Company Law
I want to come to Hawai'i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alf Hansen
Trondheim, Norway

Christian Wagner
Technical University of Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany

Alan Deighton
Department of German, University of Hull
I have actually been to Hawai'i and have seen something of what you are complaining about! Good Luck!

Amanda Baker
Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Cambridge, England
I believe that the balance in Hawaii should be shiftedsomewhat away from the continental USA. I hope to learnmore about Hawaii, to properly inform my opinion.

Thomas Althoff
Very nice!

Mathilde muPe
hardware artist
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe
I was in search for a tropical link for winnersof a game I have put in the web;
And I hope the winners who choose to get to thissite will be pleased as I, to visit Hawaii.

Carl Johan Pedersen
I very much look forward to visit you one day.In the meantime - all the best to all of you.

Ageeth Jainullah-Janssen
agricultural education centre
Netherlands, Europe

Dick Verboon
Agricultural Education Centre
Leidschendam, Netherlands, Europe

Kjetil Szajnfeld
HIBU, Ringerike
Honefoss, Norway
Great site! (heard that one before...?)
I would LOVE to travel to Hawaii!

Dino Karl
Software Company
Munich, Germany, Europe

Henrik Hegli
Lahti college of technology ; student
Europe, Finland
Aloha !
You have got many interesting pages in aloha-net !I wonder if you know the e-mail(or URL) address to UNIVERSITY OF THE NATIONS located in Kailua-Kona in the BIG-island ??
I would be very happy to receive that !
Mahalo !

Mikael Branting
Stockholm, Sweden

Christian Bj=rnerud
Bj=rnehiet BBS
Bergen - Norway (Northern Europe)
Wish I could be at Hawaii now - for real! It is still to cold to ride motorbikes here.

Bjorn Skauge
I want to learn the hawaiian language.
Can anyone please help me?

Jorgen Nilsson
IN3D Graphics Design
So nice it hurts the eye to view your pages.

Johan Persson
WM-data AB
Sweden, Europe

Axel Jacobs
Department of Physical Chemistry Univ. Heidelberg
I am very interested in geological informations from Hawaii. I am looking for vulcano activities, earth quakes and geological conditions on Big Island. But I found nothing. Why ???With kind regards...

Michael Engbork
Very impressive !!!!!

Harrie Maathuis
It's nice internet

Nina Svebeck
the learning bridge
stockholm sweden
Hi, my name is Nina. In May I am going to Hawaii with fifty other students and it would be nice to here from someone who can tell me about the island. I am 18 and go to a school called Fredrika Bremer in Haninge, Stockholm,Sweden. If you are in my age it would be fun to see you when we arrive.
Bye, bye
Love Nina

Claes Holmberg
Larcentrum, STRANGNAS
Nice information, thank you.

Luleå Sweden

Tapio Vanhanen
Mosaic Productions
Helsinki, Finland

Thomas Hjelbak
Hogskolen i Ostfold, Norway
Ostfold, Norway
It's a great WWW-page, so keep up the good work and maybe I'll come and visit you some other time!!!!

Kjetil R=ise

belgium (europe)

Dominique C. Haussener
HammexHawaii (hammock distribution)
Mahalo & Aloha!

Marjut Varemo
Varemon Puupaja T:mi
Finland, Europe
You have much interesting informatin here...

Johnny Grahm
Hawaii i love you and waikikki beach for surfing

Dr Michael Forster & Marijke Wilhelmus
Findhorn Foundation
Scotland- Great Britain

Anders Markstrom
CMYK Image
Skoevde, Sweden
Will visit Maui in a few weeks...

Lottie Persson
I wish I was in Hawaii right now. But I will be ther soon.

Ladislav Coufal
Zapadoceska Univerzita
Europa, Czech Republic
Very good.

Robert Olsson
I have checked this page out because that a penpal "here"on Hawaii mentioned it. He have an Apple Macintosh shop inWaikiki called "The MacMouse Club". His name isRolf Nordahl.
I think your pages look good, keep up the good work!

Jen Pearson
university of Essex in England
As an American citizen, I was only dimly awareof the way the US aquired Hawai'i and even lessaware of your continued desire of independence. Thank you for setting the record straight.What actions might I take to help further your cause?

Heikki Junnila
Karjasilta High School (I'm a student)
Oulu, Finland
It's a brilliant idea to give information about Hawai'i thruthe www-pages. The pictures are also very good; It's like watching your summer-vacation photos taken from Hawai'i.-Without bad memories on lousy taxi-drivers :)I'd really like to visit Hawai'i some day... seems to bea pretty place. A guided tour with pictures and sounds wouldn't be a bad idea. (Is there already one ? I haven't seen yet...) Yeah... I like this very much.
Hei-hei (Bye-bye in finnish. Pronounce EI as A)

Terje S=rensen
Dokka videregÂende skole
Dokka, Norway
Just popped in, seems to be nice

Pia HeiskariHelsinki, Finland

Risto Jauhiainen
Finland, Europe
NetSurfing in Hawaii .... it's cool ...

Nuno Miguel Bernardo de Abreu
Coimbra - Portugal - Europe
I have a nice friend in Hawaii. Her name is Leslie Stewart.
Aloha, Leslie!
Nice home page!

Colin Weatherby
cambridge united kingdom

Tommy Strand
Nice and interesting sites.I`ve got your address via internet and Rolf Nordahl,who lives in Honolulu

Manfred Heppe
Austrian controlbank
Vienna - Austria - Europe


Michael Meier
Rapperswil School of Engineering
Switzerland, Europe
At the moment we have to design a html-page about a countryby group-work. We have dicided to wirte about hawaii.

Eichmann Rino
Rapperswil School of Engineering
Switzerland ( Europe )
In our Computernetworking lesson we have to create a HTML-pageabout a Country. I decided to create a page about Hawaii, becauseI'd like to go there after my studies. There I wanna get better in English and in surfing. I think the best way to learn English,is to work there. But I guess, to get a job in Hawaii isn't veryeasy, is it?
I'm looking forward to seeing this beautiful Islands.Greetings from the cold Switzerland. Bye

Alejandro Mena
Faculty of Nautics of Barcelona
I've enjoied very much knowing a little bit more of your country. Greetings from a new friend!

Chris Hagtorn
Malmoe, Sweden

Tricia Moynihan
London, England

Elin Dahlgren
University of Karlstad
Very intresting!

Stewart Nicol
Freelance Journalist.
I am freelance journalist. I would be interested in contact with thedepartment which deals with Press enquiries. I would like toreceive by mail or e mail information on news from Hawaii.Although based in Scotland I wish to feature news and features from range of overseas locations utilising the electronic media.With Thanks.

Brian McCarthy
Brighton, England
This is my first visit and so I have not yet had a good look around. It seems to me that the WEb is ideal for disseminating this sort of information.

raffaele della rocca
near the city of CASERTA south Italy 25 Km from NaplesBeati voi che state in un posto bellissimo vi invidio

Christian Taube
ISA Informationssysteme GmbH
Stuttgart, Germany
checking for some Native American URLs on Yahoo, I foundyour page. Very good! Find out more about the Oneidas,Potawatomis and Sioux at Yahoo!

Birthe & Michael
germany, bielefeld
hello. uhuuhh aloha... We like Hawaii. One day we might fly by for a visit. So keep the sun up there, ok !?

Marijke Wilhelmus
Findhorn Foundation
We are coming to Maui and Kauai 3rd July. We look forward to make friendsin Hawaii.
We are interested in lomi lomi and hula kahiko. Aloha

Sandy Jungtaeubl
Munich Germany

Neil Hoggarth
University of Oxford
Oxford, England.

Frank Arne Jakobsen
9300 Finnsnes, Norway
Hallo HAwai

Oliver Greeff
Max-Planck-Institute for marine Microbiology
Bremen, Germany

Peter Edler
Edler Information Products
Stockholm, Sweden
Journalist, interested in all information about or relating to restoration of Hawai'i's independence and sovereignty.

Anne de Haan
University of Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands, EuropeHello!

Peter Jessen
Baltic Press
Selma Lagerlofs Alle 45, DK-2860 Soeborg, Denmark
I had some diffuculty accessing, but hope nevertheless this way to establish some contacts in Hawai'ias I have on several occasions been in need of informationabout the History of the country. I have unpublished accountsof a visit to Hawai'i in 1819 by a Danish botanist/naturalscientist, who was impressed by "the beautiful pagan nation". I wonder if anyone in Hawai'i would be interested in exchanging ideas/information on such and similar topics?

Anders Johansson
TranÂs, Sweden
I¥m very proud to have my name in this book! Thanks!

Janne Dicander
Ludvika kommun(community)
I am out and surfing for the very first time and it islovley.// JD //

Volin Karagiozov
University of Mining and Geology
Europe, Balkan Peninsula, BULGARIA, SOFIA
I am very impressed by your beautiful country!

Pauline Hinton
Witney, Oxfordshire, Britain
Thank you for an interesting and pleasant trip to your island paradise. One day I will visit in person

Hedley Richards
Canadian Space Agency/ International Space University
Stockholm ( ISU'95 summer session)
Very interesting home page. I was looking for information regarding the Hokule`a voyages.Bye.

Miquel Creus Fuste
Osona (Spain)
Have a great armholder at all Hawaian people, pecially to Robert, Montse and Keoni Taum from Vic (Osona), Spain

Garvin D. Wills
Institute of Sound & Vibration Research
Southampton, England
I'm coming to Hawaii in a few weeks - your guide has made me look forward to it even more.

Christian Kleberg
Freie Universito/oot Berlin
Greetings from Berlin

Sami Makelainen

Kurt Bauersfeld
Stockholm, Sweden

Barry Vaughan
GEC Plessey Semiconductors
Swindon, U.K.

Geert Borstlap

Herbert Utz
Herbert Utz Publishers
Bavaria (Germany)

Paul Richard Connett Cross
United Kingdom
Excellent Resource !

Paul Blomgren
plunbing business
Stockholm Sweden
Have a nice day !

Klaus Thielen
Oracle Germany

Dr Irina Staxen
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

Martin Humphreys
United Kindom - London

Gerald Sturz
Vienna, Austria and Hamburg, Germany

Stefanos Freris

roger wikstroem
stockholm sweden
It is very beatifull in Hawai. I like your coconut-trees.

Stefano Baglioni
Rome - Italy - Europe

Giovanni Branca

Ingemar Andersson, Ute Klemt
SkÂl telefon

Carl Michael von Hausswolff
art projects including KREV and Anckarstrom
Stockholm, Sweden
Supporting your ideas and transferring the URL to all of my associates. Good luck!

Eva- Lisa Myntti
Ume Sweden
Hi Diana, Michelle and Frank, if you are reading this ! I do¥nnot have an adress yet, but soon I will. Love, Eva- Lisa.

Carl Frick
Green Party of Sweden

Felix Dinkelmann
I love Polynesia and Hawai'i !!!

Thomas Walter

Erik Arnstr^m

Lukas Fetz
Vienna, Austria

Jonathan Friedman
University of Lund
Lund, Sweden
Fantastic that you're on the net. Wish I were there.
Say Hello to Ulla Hasager
We are trying to get an IWGIA thing together for BumpyHave people seen the book: Hawaii:Return to Nationhood? Iwould like to try to get it out to the mainland US market.There ought to be growing interest.
All the best, jonathan

Matthew Rauls
blagoevgrad, bulgaria
im a transplanted native of Hawai'i studying nationalism in bulgaria...

Dr. Gruessner, Karl-Heinz
university library tuebingen

RogÈr van Unen
The Netherlands


Zoltan Rockenbauer
Budapest, Hungary
i m an anthropologist, 35 year old, intrestid in polynesian history, ancient religion and mytholgy. Last year I published a book in hungarian about the Tahitian mythology. I d be very happy reciving information.

Asbj=rn Haaland

Steffen Mezger
Munich, Germany
You happy one on this beautiful Island!
I would like to come back again.

Linda Bodefo/oolt
J^nk^ping HLK
woemens right to exsistsmÂland sweden

Norbert L.M. van den Bosc
Doue la FHillegom, Holland, Europe
A sunny caracter for a sunny country

Anders Stark
we were on Big Island two years ago, and we hope to be back soon.

Neil Jones
Leicester, U.K.
Good Luck with all your efforts for independance.

Marcel Gertzen
The Netherlands
My first day on the NET. I' made my way op to this page by typing Muroroa.It's a good thing that there are stil people that do care about things that happen in the world around us.
How is it posseble that one nation, one man can diside for so many people.This is murder of the first degre.


John Alexander Mc Feely
St Patricks College, Maynooth.
Co Kildare, Ireland
thiocfaidh ar la, (our day will come)
This is a rich and rare land,
this is a fair and fine land,
this native land of mine.

C. H. Sharp
DHL International
London, England
Kamehameha School graduate, class 1964. Working internatinally for 18 years.
Presently involved with strategic marketing on a global front.Would like to get more involved with the soveriegn issue, but am out of touchwith present events, and direction of movement.
Address: C. H. Sharp, 11 Hambledon Close, Lower Earley,
Reading, Berkshire, RG6 3TD, London, England.

HallgrÌmur Sveinsson
Vestfirska forlagi Publishers
471 Thingeyri Iceland

Simon Mattias van den Bergh
Utrecht State University
Utrecht, the Netherlands
I am a geography student from tehe Netherlands. I am to write a research paper on the native Hawaiians, and their current position in Hawaiian society. If you have any information on this subject please send me some E-mail. Even a small tip will do, since information on this subject is hard to get by in the Netherlands

Riccardo Gramegna
Gandhi In Action Int.l
World Wide
Hi! Aloha!
This is Riccardo, from Italy, remember me?
Your issue will be discussed in the winter session meeting if our Gandhian Activists network, Seattle WA at the end of december 95.
Could some of You be there? Mrs.Kekula? more infos by the end of november.
Aloha, and ... Jai Jagat

Ola Karlsen

Guido Feuerstack
VVF-Verkehrs Verlag Feuerstack
Frankfurt/Main in Germany
I like your Homepage and the other interesting things.
Next year I plan to visite Hawai. I think it will be great.By

When is the next eruption?

Kjellaug Lindvaag
University of Tromsoe

Niroth Kanchanakanti
University of Bayreuth
Bayreuth, Germany
I plan to visit Hawaii on my next vacation.
So I gather informations from several sources.
T'was nice to visit your site... NK

Trond Andresen
The Norwegian Institute of Technology
Trondheim, NORWAY
I symphatize!

Martti No/oorio/ooinen
Nokia Telecommunications
Terveisio/oo suomesta. Keso/oo on lopuillaan ja syksy saapuu.
Meillo/oo on ollut kuivaa ja melko lo/oomminto/oo to/ooo/oollo/oo etelo/oo Suomessa.
Greetings from Helsinki the capital of Finland.

rasoul metram
ullerudsbacken 74 farsta stockholm

Marc Herbstritt
Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, Germany
Freiburg, Germany
In this moment, I am just surfing to collect good sites. And I think, you're one of them, although the connection needs sometimes too much time to establish from far away Germany.
So, many greetings to you and I'm coming back soon!

Carlo Guido Maria Gabardo
Rome - Italy
I'd like to be there instead of being here

Giovanna Mazzarelli
Caserta, Italy
Le isole delle Hawaii sono molto belle. Spero di poterle visitare un giorno.

Eric Schuhmann, physicist
Max-Planck-Institut f. Physik (national physics research organisation)Munich, Germany, Europe
Mahalo for this nice service ! Being a frequent visitor ofHawaii, thereby interested in nature and the cultural aspects of your islands, I enjoy grabbing information andnews about Hawaii from the net. I fully support your workfor sovereignty and independence (as long as you don't planto kick out visitors enjoying your nature and culture ;-) ).Please, please, go on fighting against any more of these absurd French nuclear tests. No1 really can tolerate therisk of contaminating the heart of Polynesia !
Aloha, best wishes to Waimanalo !

Hanne E. Stroemoe
Faculty of Law Library

Simon Mattias van den Bergh
Utrecht State University
Utrecht, the Netherlands
I am a geography student donig a report about native hawaiians. Sinc Hawaii is on the other side of the world it is hard to obtain data. Is there anyone out there that can provide me with information or names of writers etc. please send them to
Simon van den Bergh, Curacaostraat 27, 3531 XK utrecht, since I don't have an E-mail address

Torkel Rasmussen
Norwegian journalism college
Oslo Norway
As individuale of the indigenous peoples of the Scandinavian contries the samis - I wish you indigenous peoples of Hawaii good luck and health



Lena Eriksson Agneta Adelsk^ld
Hultsfred Sweden
We support your demands concerning a stop of the nuclear testing at muroroa.

Kari-Anne og Kari-Ann
Merry Christmas!!!

Frej Holtti

Bruno Seckler
Buggenbeck 29- 45470 Muelheim Ruhr Germany
I was 2 times in Hawaii (1993 and Jan.1995)and my wife and me felt in love with this beautyful Islands
Many greetings to the staff of "KIMOS" in Old Laheina Town onMaui. We are locking forward to come back again to all thiswonderful places.
Bruno Seckler

Ger. M. MarrÈment

Holger Petersen
3 Welt
Nice to see you,

Emanuel Berg
Aloha Hawai!
Greatings from Sweden!

Mick Dineen
Good Luck!!

Ina Sterk
Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Just visiting this site.

Michel Goossens
I have been on Hawaii, two years ago with my girlfriend.
It is the most beautifull island we have ever seen. Keep up doing the good work!

Helmut Siebenhandl
Universito/oot Wien
Middle Europe
It was very interesting to learn something new about country, history and people.

Kevin M. Tuohy
Personal& University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
Manalapan New Jersey

Sam Carneal
USA Mainland--Kentucky
Doing a great job. Plan to visit Hawaii in the near future

NorthPride Gara Don Bosco
I love Hawaii very much!!!!!
especially the hawaians, if you know Lorno Abletes from maui greet her for me my name is marco benvenuti from livorno in italy,thanks!

Jean-Cedric Rettie
London, England
Aloha to everyone. Thank you for the great stay I had during the signing of the constitution. I am a friend of Robert Watts and stayed with you with his son.
I would love to hear news from you.

Walter Beukeleirs
Belgium Europe
Vanuit het koude BelgiÎ zenden we jullie
hartelijke groeten
met een warm hart
Jan, Bart, Walter en het hele SmileycafÈ

Stephan F,rstenau
Berlin, Germany
Yo no conosco Hawai¥i personalmente. pero leÌ algo sobre su historia, su pueblo y las bellezas de las islas. La historia de Hawai¥i es un ejemplo triste, como un imperialismo veroz ocupÛ una nation independiente. Para mi es una gran sorpresa que un gigante tan poderoso no pudÛ eliminar todos los deseos de libertad de un pueblo pequeÒo. Les deseo mucho Èxito con sus intenciones de liberar su patria del colonialismo.
Viva el Hawai¥i libre!!!

Roy L. Gentry
European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium
You've got a long path to walk - good luck. At this point I would encourage you to do everything in your power to protect and preserve the Hawaiian cultural heritage - especially the language - for future generations. I am doing my small part by trying to learn some Hawaiian onmy own.

Florent Faessel

pratneker gregg
nice pages!
Best wishes!

Pedro Ceinos
Amigos de los Indios
Madrid (Spain)
We are working from Spain, supporting the rights of the indigenous peoples worlwide. Our main task is to provide our memebers and spanish media of information about the plighs of indigenous peoples, and organice sending-letters campaign in support of the Indigenous peoples. We hope can be useful to you in the future. For a Independent Hawaii. Best wishes. Pedro.

Kjellaug Lindvaag
University of Tromsoe
Some time ago I found this home page by accident when surfing around on the net. In one way or another I must have left my email-adress, and now for the second time I have received editorial articles written by Scott Crawford. I knew very little about Hawaii before. Now this group of islands far away from my own coasts has become an interesting place. Thank you. Iπll visit this site again.
Greatings from Kjellaug Lindvaag, Norway

Roland Austinat
HYPER! magazine
Munich, Germany
Aloha oi! Forgive me my spelling, but it's been almost twoyears now that I visited your wonderful islands. Funnyenough, we camped on Oahu one night on the then occupiedState Park and your people provided water and some insightson your situation. :)
- Roland

Christian Till
Munich, Germany
Hawaii is a nice place to study !! I guess !?

Herbert ROthenbuehler
Insel hospital
university of berne switzerland

Jeremy Radcliffe
surrey, England, U.K.
Aloha!,What a fantastic file of information this is. Although nota Hawaiian or American, I have a great interest in variousindependence movements throughout the world, and as a citizenof one of the worst imperialising nations in the world (U.K)I perhaps feel the least I could do is show interest. Checkout the Aboriginal pages on the Yahoo in Australia they seempretty sorted too! Nice one!

Frank Bohnstedt-Petersen
i am a privat person
Denmark, Europa
Aloha to you - hope to visit Hawaii once

Elisabeth Heid

bertram adriaan carolus bekkers
highschool of amsterdam, netherlands (hogeschool van Amsterdam)
netherlands, amsterdam
i' have no problem if you invite me with my family on your costs in my time to visite your beautifull place.
Berry Bekkers

Dr.Scheremet, Rudolf
University and Medical School
Freiburg / Germany
Thank You for the good informations !

Erik Nilsson
I visited your home page via The Shamen's website "Nemeton".

Axel Jacobs
ZBT of University of Heidelberg
Heidelberg & Germany
Go on !!!

Jarkko Ikonen
Telecom Finland ltd.
I'm gonna visit your country tomorrow. 21.12.95

Germar Groot Hulze
locale radio of the city Ede in the Netherlands

Sara Janika Lanne
University of Tampere
Finland, Tampere

Tomas Condori
we are member of the Indian Council of South America CISA,our language is spanish, we would like to inform us of our works

Irma Ekman
Shell Ab
We're coming to spend a holiday in Hawaii very soon!

Tiffany Nicole Thrasher
How do I get more information because I want to come to Hawaii this summer and do research on the independence movement and its implication for other indigenous peoples in the United States.
I am applying for a research grant from my home institution of Occidnetal College in Los Angeles,CA. I hope to come and do some research on this very exciting event in history.

Johannes Rohr
Institute for Ecology and Action-Anthropology
Melchiorstr. 3/ 50670 Cologne / Germany

Andreas Olausson

dave vanzanten
london business school
London, Eng.
You blokes have put together a creative, well-marketed site which helps the people of Hawai'i. Keep up the good work! Dave

Ferruccio Farina
Romagna Arte e Storia Revue

Reading University
reading, england
I like rowing I am a slag

Hans Ulrich Gresch
Nuernberg, Germany

Richard Bauersfeld
Nice site!!!

Johannes Rohr
Institute for Ecology and Action Anthropology
Cologne, Germany
We are right now doing a series of lectures on Indigenous peoples and Human right, in May there will be a lecture onHawai'i called 'Aloha State?' please see our homepage andif you like, establish a link for German speakers who are interested in Hawai'il
All the best
Johannes Rohr

Blue Demon
Republic of Portugal
Hi, There! How are you?

Great site...looks good!

Elke Falley
infoe e.V.
Cologne FRG

Kevin Butson
International Translation & Publishing Ltd.
Dublin, Ireland
Got here by accident but had a look around and I'll be back.

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